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Weddings: Marrying a Man Who Supports You

  • November 21, 2020

“I soon came to realize that Brooke is very smart and very empathetic,” Mr. Pratt said. “There’s also the confident way she carries herself. And over time, when I kept hearing all of the great things her friends and colleagues say about her, that became very inspiring to me, and something I wanted to learn about and emulate.”

That first date went so well that Mr. Pratt didn’t mind that he had chosen to be with her instead of watching his beloved team — the Boston Red Sox — defeat the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 5 to clinch the World Series.

For their second date a couple of weeks later, he spent a small fortune on tickets so that Ms. Boyarsky, who was raised in Dallas, could see the Cowboys play in Philadelphia on Nov. 11.

That morning, Ms. Boyarsky came down with a horrible stomach flu, and Mr. Pratt did not think twice about giving away the tickets and driving over to see her, chicken soup in tow, at her home in Philadelphia.

That evening as they talked, he mentioned to her that he had already started a 529 college savings plan in case he ever had children of his own.

“When I think of generosity and spirit, and the kind of person I’d want to raise a family with, I think of Alex,” Ms. Boyarsky said. “There is no one like him.”

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