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What Are Neopronouns?

  • April 08, 2021

But there actually are some limits. Neopronoun users have shut down the notion of using terms related to Black Lives Matter, like “BLM,” as neopronouns, arguing that it is inappropriate for people to use these terms in this way. Others have claimed that using “fae” as a neopronoun is culturally appropriative from pagan communities (this claim, as they say, is disputed).

And not everyone in the wider queer community supports noun-self pronouns.

“As a trans man, I think neopronouns are getting way out of hand,” Asa Pegler, 17, said in a TikTok from November.

In an interview, Mr. Pegler specified that his beef is not with gender-neutral neopronouns. He felt like elevating objects and animals to human pronoun levels was dismissive.

“I couldn’t stomach why anyone would want to identify as an object?” Mr. Pegler wrote in an Instagram direct message.

“They dehumanize us as trans people,” he added. “We are people! Not objects or animals. So that’s why I stated that they are out of hand, because they make us look like a bit of a joke.”

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