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What Are the Best Houseplants to Get You Through Winter?

  • September 22, 2021

Yes, “leaves” sits nicely with Mr. Rosenbaum’s first name, but there was more than that serendipity to the choice of what to call the business.

“I picked Steve’s Leaves as a company name because it rhymes, sure,” he said. “But I realized later that what I love most are plants with colorful foliage. Those provide color year-round — you don’t have to wait for flowers.”

Since he took up plants as a hobby at 13, Mr. Rosenbaum, 63, has had a thing for foliage, especially variegated and otherwise patterned. The more contrast, the better. Or as he put it, “Anything colorful and sparkly.”

So much so that he admits to having amassed a personal stash of a couple hundred Coleus varieties, which are more suited to the patio than indoors, in addition to the company’s staggering houseplant collection. Steve’s leaves, indeed.

Take the Syngonium called Marble (Syngonium podophyllum albo-variegatum Marble), one of his favorite houseplants, despite its recalcitrance. Adaptable from shade to partially sunny conditions, it has a bushy habit and will spill over a pot rim or fill out a hanging basket. The arrowhead-shaped foliage (its common name is arrowhead vine) is liberally marked with areas of white.

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