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What Do Gamers Wear?

  • January 27, 2021

Video games entered mainstream culture decades ago, but these days, gamers are more like celebrities, with millions of fans online. That means, among other things, that the days of gamers wearing jorts and oversize T-shirts are long past. Esports athletes and streamers alike now dress with urban panache mixed with opulent sensibilities.

The result is a mix of luxury brand worship, Korean streetwear, video game fantasy and Japanese “kawaii” culture.

Major brands have taken notice. Tyler Blevins, the mega-popular video game streamer known as Ninja, signed a deal with Adidas and released a limited edition run of “night joggers,” which sold out almost immediately. Gucci partnered with the London esports team Fnatic on a $1,600 dive watch. Louis Vuitton teamed up with League of Legends, the most popular esport in the world, for a limited run of capsules and shirts. And the designer Jeff Staple, often credited with kick-starting the collectible sneaker revolution, worked with the Overwatch League on a line of jerseys.

“I feel that while streetwear was rising, gaming culture was also rising,” Mr. Staple said. “In 2018, when Overwatch League first reached out, that’s when the paths started to cross.”

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