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What is MLBB Lipstick?

  • June 20, 2021

Unlike the others, Ms. Vo likes products with matte finishes, particularly those that channel fruit like watermelon and cherry, like Glossier’s Generation G in Zip. Across YouTube, there are plenty of MLBB product reviews featuring deep reds and berry shades.

There is also the more drastic step of tattooing; “lip blushing,” an emerging shading technique (like microblading for eyebrows), promises to add enough color to the lips to make them look naturally plump and flushed — for a few years, anyway.

This confusion is part of why MLBB has persisted as a trend, inspiring articles from fashion and beauty publications on a regular basis, nearly 20 years after the term first emerged online.

The “better” in “my lips but better” is inherently subjective. It’s a look made for people who, as Ms. Aina said, lack the time or talent for advanced makeup application, and may not even know what “better” means for them. They can feel overwhelmed by the market’s vastness — by the thousands of tinted balms, sheer lipsticks and rosy glosses — and crave direction toward the best products.

Representing perhaps the search for eternal youth, with all of its rosy reproductive vitality, the search for the perfect MLBB never ends.

“We have all this information at our fingertips,” Ms. Goodwin said. “And yet somehow we’re still confused. I always marvel at it.”

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