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What is the Future of New York City?

  • May 15, 2021

“People will practically be mating in the streets,” said Michael Musto, the longtime nightlife columnist for the Village Voice, now back in quarterly form. “Fueling all that, cunning entrepreneurs will swoop into all the empty storefronts to reinvent them as dance clubs and other pleasure palaces.”

“People might even look up from their phones,” he added.

New York’s swingers clubs are already gearing up. Snctm, a members-only club, returns this month with erotic masquerades that recall the haute orgy scenes in “Eyes Wide Shut.” Killing Kittens, a London-based members-only club that throws lavish fem-dom erotic parties, returns later this spring, and the club’s founder, Emma Sayle, thinks that pent-up passions, along with more acceptance for non-monogamy and polyamory, will lay the groundwork for next-level indulgence. “As far as we’re concerned,” she said, “it’s go big or go home.”

Attitudes toward prostitution seem to be loosening, too, as Mayor Bill de Blasio and other officials are seeking to decriminalize sex work, which they argue unfairly targets transgender people and people of color, and focus instead on human trafficking and other forms of abuse.

Adding to the Las Vegas spirit, the city may also get its first casino, a long-discussed proposal in Albany that has become a topic in the mayoral race.

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