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What Is the Ultimate Pair of Forever Jeans?

  • September 25, 2021

Where to find that today?

“It’s the simplest thing, but also the hardest,” said Samira Nasr, the editor of Harper’s Bazaar. She suggests Feel jeans from L.A. They’re made locally, in essentially one style, which Ms. Nasr calls “the perfect jean” in terms of weight and cut. Like Goldilocks and Little Bear’s chair, it’s not too big, not too soft, but just right.

They’re also relatively expensive, but one way to think about investing in jeans is thus: Add up the amount you’ve spent on cheaper pairs you no longer wear because they’re too associated with a specific trend, then consider the value of a single pair you wear all the time over many years. It’s probably worth it.

Other alternatives to look for include the (natch) ’90s jeans from Everlane, which is pretty self-explanatory; Levi’s (the original — check out the Wedgie fit and try to ignore the name); and Madewell, the perfect vintage jeans. (On sale, these are even better.)

Either way, the goal should be, said Laura Brown, the editor of InStyle, to “feel stride-y and leggy, with no ankle suffering.” She was sitting front row at MaxMara as she said this, wearing (yup) a pair of jeans. Though she remembered where she had gotten them — Citizens of Humanity — she had no recollection of when. Which should be exactly the point.

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