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What It’s Like to Work With a Matchmaker

  • February 27, 2021

How were the quality of the dates? Over two years I received 21 profiles of gentlemen, and I met eight in person. Everyone was educated, professional, the right age group. It was the personal connection you cannot vouch for. I flew to Houston to meet one man. He had impeccable credentials; he went to Harvard and MIT and was a successful businessman, but he had an ego taller than the Empire State Building. I went to Washington D.C., to meet another, but he didn’t know what he wanted.

My matchmaker was very methodical, and she had a pipeline. When I met someone, and it fell through, it didn’t take her very long to get to the next one.

Date 8, who I started talking to in June 2020, I knew was going to work right away. He lives about three miles from my house, but we never would have met. Our social circles were completely separate. Now we are on the path to marriage.

Matchmaker: Matchmaking by Leslie

Fee: She paid $450 to get six dates within a year. He did not pay. (The service now charges $600 for six dates plus a $50 consultation fee for the first meeting.)

Time Period: July 2013

How did you find your matchmaker? I had been divorced about a year earlier, and I was ready to start dating. Leslie Cohen Fargotstein, the matchmaker, is a friend of mine and she was over at my house, telling me about her business plan and all the ideas she had. I said, “Sign me up, I’ll be your first client.” She had no track record, but she was always talking about love and how she wanted to bring it to people.

Note: Ms. Feinstone and Mr. Cohen met in August 2013 and married in November 2017. Mr. Cohen already knew of the matchmaker, who is not related to him, because her husband had been the coach of his son’s youth baseball team.

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