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Where to Get a Free Passport Photo in New York City

  • June 16, 2021

Why would this expensive retail real estate full of equally expensive suitcases make this gift to you? Perhaps because, in availing yourself of the offering, you are also potentially opting into the Rimowa email marketing ecosystem. And perhaps because, if you feel pretty and sophisticated enough now, later, when time and fortune have smiled upon you and on your business and/or marriage prospects, you too will be ready for a rolling trunk that costs $1,710.

If you stop to browse, you’ll notice that Rimowa luggage is identifiable by its distinctive ridges, like a Ruffles Sour Cream Onion flavor chip. While traditionally tugged by people wearing cashmere or dead animals, now it is more likely to be toted by folks who look fairly normal except they have buffed skin and Lanvin sneakers, themselves notable for how chicly ugly and inexplicably costly they are.

(Of course, if the Rimowa case is the 2018 transparent Virgil Abloh collab, which is truly wonderful, it is more likely to be toted by folks who don’t mind that passers-by see all of their shoes, at least the ones they had chosen to pack.)

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