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Why Is My Uncle So Mad About Student Debt Forgiveness?

  • November 27, 2020

But your uncle is not the first person I’ve heard grumbling about it. Their take seems to be: “I suffered, why shouldn’t you?” But that’s not a cogent argument against fairer access to education. It’s just punitive. Tell him: “I’m sorry you had a hard time.” That may smooth things over between you. Then add (or just think): “But I’m glad others may not have to suffer.” We don’t have to say everything we believe to everyone.

I live in a Covid bubble with my in-laws who are helping me care for my two toddlers. We are avid mask wearers. We live in a city where masks are required (for people over the age of 2) in all public places, including outdoors. At the playground, my father-in-law always reminds mask-less people they are breaking the rules. Recently, a family entered the playground, none of whom were wearing masks. My father-in-law told them they needed masks and asked them to stay away from my daughter. I know he was right, but I felt uncomfortable. Shouldn’t we have left if their behavior bothered us?


Why should you leave? The rules are the rules: masks in public places, including playgrounds. Now, let me backtrack immediately. If your playground isn’t marked with a sign about masks at the entrance, encourage your father-in-law to be gentle in his requests to the maskless. They may not know. (I’ve taken to offering spare surgical masks to those who need them. So far, people don’t seem to hate this.)

Still, I’ve read news reports of scuffles breaking out over mask debates, including a case that resulted in death. We don’t want that on the playground. So, if you hear or sense anything ominous in your father-in-law’s interactions, pack up your children and leave quickly. Better safe than sorry, no?

Several years ago, I met a woman at church and we clicked. (We were both pregnant.) We were friendly, but not close. After our babies were born, I moved across the country and focused on new motherhood, a new city and a new job. My friend continued to text me, mostly to check in. But now, she sends (almost exclusively) screenshots of Christian devotionals and scriptures. I am not interested in them. She sends 15 screenshots for every personal message. I don’t want to be rude, but it’s overwhelming. Advice?

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