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Zak Arogundade, a Musician and Designer From Stockholm

  • June 02, 2020

In 2018, Mr. Arogundade quit his day job at Eytys and recorded his debut solo album, “E,” released last November. “I’d been doing music for a few years by then, but I didn’t feel like I knew what to say and how to say it until that point,” he said.

Latest Project: In January, he released the music video for “Peroxide,” a futuristic pop song, under his stage name, Ecco2K. The video, which he stars in and directed, was filmed at Lillgrund, a giant wind farm off the coast of southern Sweden that he first saw as a child, flying between Stockholm and London to spend time with each of his parents.

“I would see it from the airplane window, and I never stopped thinking about it,” he said. For much of the video, he stands up in a small boat among the towering turbines. “I had to go into snowboarding mode to not fall in,” he said.

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