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Hallgrimsson: Echoes of Iceland’s story in Qatar’s rise

  • March 28, 2019

When we took a job, we mentioned carrying other appealing opportunities in Germany and Canada. What done we confirm to pierce to Al Arabi, Qatar and such a opposite football culture?
Many reasons. we wanted a new plea in a expansion environment, and a joining here in Qatar, like a MLS, is flourishing fast. That’s given of hosting a subsequent World Cup though also given of flourishing seductiveness of a diversion and a aspiration of a people in charge. Being in a sourroundings we am in today, where there is something new to learn in any dilemma we look, is accurately what we was looking for. we can keep on flourishing as a chairman and a coach. we indispensable that during this theatre of my career.

Al Arabi is one of a biggest and many prestigious clubs in Qatar, so it is a large plea and with it comes a lot of expectations and pressure. Looking during a series of managerial changes in new years, we can positively contend that this is not a many secure coaching jobs around. To spin a fortunes of this bar around has been, and will continue to be, tough work. But that is what we am looking for: a challenge.

We’ve seen how clever a Qatar inhabitant group is recently. Does a domestic joining simulate that high standard?
Yes and no. Yes, given all a Qatar inhabitant group players play here and a 4 foreigners that can play domestically customarily are unequivocally good players. The inhabitant group players’ growth is in partial in a hands of their domestic clubs.

No, given we consider one of a biggest reasons for a success of Qatar inhabitant group recently is a smoothness and coherence in their work with their girl and comparison inhabitant teams. The stream inhabitant group players have played together from an early age and know any other’s strengths and weaknesses. When we see them play, we feel like examination a bar group that has been operative together on a daily basement for a prolonged time and not a inhabitant group that routinely has usually a few days of credentials before games. This is a outcome of a long-term meditative in Qatar, and being led by a manager that has been with these players given U-17 is a topping on a cake in that respect.

You’ve already gifted your initial winter in Qatar, during a time when the World Cup will be held. What can we tell players and fans about a conditions and sourroundings they’ll confront in 2022?
The continue conditions will be perfect. What competence warn people is a facilities, venues, hotels, logistics and so on, all of that are fantastic. The people here are also really respectful and helpful. Everywhere we go right now, there is construction, either it’s new roads, hotels, a transport system, stadiums. Everyone is formulation this event, and Qatar will be ready.

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