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Kempes: The beard had to go

  • January 21, 2019

After unwell to measure in a initial phase, did a dual goals opposite Poland lift a outrageous weight off your shoulders?
Yes, it was liberating to finally score, a outrageous release. we don’t measure many with my conduct but, as it happened, that’s how we netted my first-ever World Cup goal. we put it past a Polish keeper, [Jan] Tomaszewski. Curiously enough, he played opposite us in a accessible diversion in Germany 4 years earlier, and we missed a possibility a notation after entrance on when we was totally unmarked. You never know when we competence get a possibility for revenge, though that was my opportunity. It was my initial World Cup goal, and a enormous idea it was too.

Menotti told us a story about your good self. He says he told you, “Look, Mario…”
(Interrupts) “The brave will have to go?”

Exactly. What went on?
We were so focused on a pursuit in hand. We never left a training camp, and we couldn’t be worried with a whole shaving-every-couple-of-days routine. After scarcely 3 weeks we had a flattering decent brave and brave going. we played like that in a initial dual games, though shaved a brave off before a third. We were streamer behind to a stay after that match, meditative forward to a subsequent assignment in Rosario, when a manager pronounced to me, “Mario, since don’t we get absolved of a brave and see if your fitness changes?” The manager had been over to see me before a World Cup to see how we was removing on in Valencia. At that time we was clean-shaven. “You didn’t have a brave or brave when we were personification for Valencia,” he pronounced to me, “so since don’t we trim when we get to Rosario and we competence start scoring again?” we don’t know if it was fitness or coincidence, though we took his recommendation and finished adult scoring twice that day [against Poland]. That noted a start of a new section for me. After that each time he saw me, he’d say: “You’re due a trim currently Mario, aren’t you?” That was a famous story of a goals and a moustache.

What do we remember about a Final opposite a Netherlands?
We unequivocally struggled during a opening mins since a Dutch players were violation by with ease. ’El Pato’ Fillol pulled off 3 or 4 good stops, and we could simply have left one or dual goals down. As a mins ticked by we gradually started holding a possess and were means to get a initial goal. From that indicate on we didn’t accurately take a feet off a pedal, though we knew that we hold a initiative. Then [Dick] Nanninga got a equaliser with about 7 or 8 mins to go, and afterwards came that famous shot from Rensenbrink that strike a post.

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