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5 Veterans Quit Kyrsten Sinema’s Advisory Council

  • October 21, 2021

Common Defense’s advertisement, while born from the same progressive frustration, takes a different tack, aiming to erode support for Ms. Sinema among one of her main constituencies.

For years, Ms. Sinema has tried to model herself after Senator John McCain, a Republican combat veteran and former prisoner of war who died in 2018, emphasizing her support for veterans, more than 500,000 of whom live in Arizona. Serving on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, she has shepherded several bipartisan bills that expanded veterans’ access to health care.

Critics have blasted Ms. Sinema’s ties to corporate interests, including the financial and advertising support she has received from groups funded by the pharmaceutical industry and other business interests. As she resists a leading proposal to lower prescription drug prices, Ms. Sinema has received about $400,000 from the pharmaceutical and health industries over the last five years, according to OpenSecrets, a nonprofit watchdog group.

In the interview, Ms. Andersh singled out Ms. Sinema’s resistance to the drug-cost measure, which would allow Medicare to negotiate the price of prescription medicines, as a betrayal.

“You left us holding the bag, saying you were going to do something about Big Pharma,” Ms. Andersh said.

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