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Ady Barkan Endorses Joe Biden for President

  • July 08, 2020

According to a transcript of the conversation between Mr. Biden and Mr. Barkan, the two disagreed over Medicare for all and Mr. Biden defended the option of private insurance. But he also outlined his own plans for health care, nodded at more ideas to come and raised proposals like “providing for the option to have home care paid for and elder care paid for, not as part of Medicare, as just a basic right.”

In an effort to demonstrate a commitment to investing in health care, Mr. Biden also said at one point, “What I’m proposing is something that costs an excess of a trillion dollars and we’re going to get it done.”

Asked for details on the proposal Mr. Biden was referring to, a campaign official said that his health care plan, when combined with “related forthcoming proposals,” would amount to more than $1 trillion over 10 years. Mr. Biden has already called to build on the Affordable Care Act and add a public option.

“I’m eager to get to you and your folks the remainder of what I call the entire health initiative,” Mr. Biden told Mr. Barkan. “That goes beyond Obamacare with a public option or Medicare for all, goes beyond that in terms of a whole new care network across the board, of giving people more flexibility, allowing people to not have to make choices between their job and taking care of a parent who’s dying.”

The campaign declined to comment further.

In response to a question from Mr. Barkan, Mr. Biden would not commit to doubling the budget for the National Institutes of Health, saying that he would “significantly increase the budget” and would also ensure “we spend another $50 billion on biomedical research” over the next several years.

“I think that is not enough,” Mr. Barkan said.

“Well, maybe when I get elected, you can come and help me figure out what’s enough,” Mr. Biden told him.

“Thank you, Mr. Vice President,” Mr. Barkan replied. “I’ll take you up on that.”

Mr. Biden also promised, “absolutely positively,” that as president he would commit to sharing technology and access to a Covid-19 vaccine if the United States develops one first.

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