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Barrett Is Seated at a Pivotal Moment

  • October 27, 2020

The organization has made a special point to encourage voting in the city’s Eighth and Ninth Wards, which converge at the intersection where George Floyd was pinned beneath a Minneapolis police officer’s knee before he died. In the three voting precincts immediately surrounding the site, which many now call the George Floyd memorial, 42 percent of roughly 6,000 registered voters had already cast ballots by Friday — 20 percentage points higher than the total early turnout rate in 2016.

“We are the community that led to the murder of George Floyd, and we want to make sure that everyone has a voice and that those voices are protected,” Moriarty said. “Right away at the George Floyd site, we had voter registration tables and we focused in on areas where there was a lot of civil unrest.”

In Schultz’s class, one student urged his classmates to cast their ballots.

“I cannot vote, but I would say that immigration is one of the top issues of this election,” said Bryan Rodriguez Andino, 21, an immigrant from Nicaragua who sat in the front row. He is trying to become a naturalized citizen so he can vote in future elections.

“I’m counting on you guys to make a good decision,” he told the class.

The New York Times Magazine

Republican voters are essentially the same people who voted Republican before Trump; the party’s politicians are still mostly the same people, hiring mostly the same strategists.

But their relationships to the party now flow through a single man, one who has never offered a clear vision for his political program beyond his immediate aggrandizement.

Whether Trump wins or loses in November, no one else in the party’s official ranks seems to have one, either.

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