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Biden Tours Ohio and Pennsylvania, Aiming to Win Back Trump Voters

  • October 01, 2020

He met with a few Ohio voters aboard his chartered Amtrak train, but he did not engage the crowd that had gathered across the street from the Alliance train station — one that included pro-Biden and pro-Trump groups of people, many without masks. One woman in her 80s grilled members of law enforcement about why she could not see Mr. Biden, whom she supports.

Members of a sizable crowd in Latrobe, Pa., were disappointed when he did not engage them, though he did greet supporters at another stop in Greensburg, Pa., and capped the day with a drive-in rally in Johnstown, Pa.

“I’ll fight for you,” Mr. Biden said at the rally. “Not for the corporations, you. Your jobs, your families.”

Earlier, in Alliance, Mr. Biden said Mr. Trump “did what I expected him to do last night,” and he called the debate “a wake-up call for all Americans.” The way Mr. Trump conducted himself, Mr. Biden said, was “a national embarrassment.”

“For 90 minutes, he tried everything to distract — everything possible,” he said. “It just didn’t work.”

Mr. Biden began the train tour with a speech at Cleveland’s Amtrak station, where he was introduced by a teacher whose husband worked at the General Motors plant in Lordstown, Ohio, that closed last year.

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