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Minneapolis Mayor Booed Out of Rally

  • June 07, 2020

Jake O’Brien, we have a yes or no question for you. Yes or no. Will you commit to defunding Minneapolis Police Department? We don’t want No more police. Is that clear? We don’t want people with guns toting around in our community shooting us down. You haven’t answered. It is a yes or a no. It is a yes or a no. Will you defund the Minneapolis Police Department? All right, be quiet. Be quiet. Because it’s important that we actually hear this. It’s important that we know this because if you don’t know, he’s up for re-election next year He’s up for re-election next year. And if he says no, guess what we’re going to do next year. You’re wasting our time Go home, Jacob. Go home Go home, Jacob. Go home. Go home, Jacob. Go home. Shame, shame, shame.

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