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Trump’s Us vs. Them Holiday

  • July 06, 2020

President Trump and the first lady, Melania Trump, at his Mount Rushmore event on Friday.


Tommy Tuberville is seen as the front-runner heading into the July 14 runoff for Alabama’s Republican Senate primary, with two leading qualifications to his name: He’s a former football coach in the heart of Southeastern Conference country, and he has Trump’s vigorous endorsement. But how much is really known about him?

The Alabama contest is pivotal. While Democrats hope to retake the Senate in November, they are factoring in the vulnerability of Doug Jones, a Democrat who won the Senate seat that opened up in 2017 after the incumbent, Jeff Sessions, became attorney general. Now Tuberville, the former Auburn University football coach, is seeking to take on Jones. First he has to beat Sessions, whose tenure as attorney general unraveled amid a bitter falling out with Trump.

But Tuberville’s history has not been fully considered. After he left Auburn in 2008, he entered into a hedge fund venture with a friend who was a former Lehman Brothers broker. It did not end well. His partner was eventually sent to prison and Tuberville was sued by investors for fraud. While Tuberville has said he was a victim himself, an examination by The New York Times detailed the extent of his involvement in the venture. He made introductions to potential investors, had business cards identifying himself as managing partner, and leased a BMW and got his health insurance through the company, and the business’s offices in Auburn were filled with his coaching memorabilia.

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