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What Are Iran and Russia Up To?

  • October 22, 2020

Some of those things are up to Trump. If he shows more discipline, as he did in the final weeks of the 2016 campaign — staying on message while attacking Democrats on a few key issues, and spending far less time on Twitter — he could make up some ground, the veteran Republican strategist Charlie Black said.

It could also behoove the president to bring his message on the coronavirus in line with the overwhelming public opinion. That would mean not downplaying the virus’s threat or questioning the advice of federal health experts.

Then there are things beyond Trump’s control that might need to occur for him to win. A Biden stumble — either in the debate tonight or on the campaign trail — could provide the opportunity for a last-minute comeback.

And most analysts who spoke to Adam agreed that for Trump to win, he and his allies will almost certainly need to succeed in their efforts to suppress the vote.

“Surround the counters, find friendly governors and commissioners who won’t certify the vote,” said Susan Estrich, who managed Michael Dukakis’s presidential campaign in 1988.

Stuart Stevens, a Republican consultant who is now a critic of the president, said that Trump’s “only realistic hope is voter suppression through every means possible.”

It is possible that Trump’s team could use legal challenges — which would most likely be swiftly elevated to the Supreme Court — to invalidate batches of votes from Democratic areas.

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