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After a Flop, Amazon Makes Another Foray Into Video Games

  • August 10, 2020

“We felt very strongly that to support our game developers as partners, as well as to reach the most customers, the Prime Gaming brand creates a lot more value in that ecosystem,” he said.

Mr. Plotnick declined to say how many people had joined Twitch Prime; he said it was one of the fastest-growing parts of Amazon Prime.

Gaming is one of the biggest global entertainment industries, with 2.7 billion people projected to play a game this year, according to the gaming market researcher Newzoo. Growth has accelerated with the coronavirus pandemic forcing people to stay indoors and seek online entertainment, and gamers worldwide are expected to spend nearly $160 billion this year.

Other large companies are also making inroads into gaming. Last year, Apple released a video game subscription service, Apple Arcade, and Google debuted a mobile gaming service, Stadia. This year, Facebook introduced a gaming app.

Amazon has been getting into games over the past few years, too. In 2014, it bought Twitch, which is used mostly to stream video games, for $970 million.

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