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Burrito Delivery Makes No Sense

  • July 02, 2020

For people who use it, food delivery can be handy, or even a lifeline. And it makes financial sense in certain cities or for certain restaurants. It might be a lucrative activity in the future, or if Venus were in the fifth house, or if robots delivered dinner, or if restaurants were replaced by grain bowl factories.

But big picture, right now, in the real world of 2020 America, food delivery isn’t working out for just about everyone involved — including restaurants, delivery couriers and certainly not the app delivery companies. They are almost all losing money. Even now, yes, when many of us are ordering more takeout and delivery.

For the food delivery companies, the fastest way to fix this rotten system is to stop spending money in pointless ways and to squeeze more dollars from customers like you and me, the restaurants, the delivery couriers and anyone else involved in this chain of operation.

The way to less stinkage — for the delivery companies — is having fewer but bigger companies that have the muscle to charge more for what they do.

I can confidently predict that if and when more food delivery companies combine, they will say they’re doing so to make our gastronomic lives glorious, to generate more business for restaurants and to construct an Eiffel Tower of hot wings you can see from space. (OK, probably not the last one.)

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