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Father of Killed Reporter Asks Regulators to Investigate Facebook

  • October 14, 2021

Last year, Mr. Parker and the Georgetown Law clinic filed a complaint with the F.T.C. accusing YouTube, which is owned by Google, of deceiving consumers by refusing to take down videos that violate its terms of service.

“Alison’s murder, shared on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, is just one of the egregious practices that are undermining the fabric of our society,” Mr. Parker said on Tuesday.

Mr. Parker also called for Congress to regulate social media companies, saying, “I hope my F.T.C. complaint gets traction but ultimately, Congress is going to have to fix social media before it ruins our country and the world.”

In an interview on Wednesday, he also linked his complaint to the testimony given by Frances Haugen, the Facebook whistle-blower, about the company’s ability to police content that appears on its platforms.

“Her testimony maintains that social media companies have the A.I. and the ability to scrub murder and misinformation, stuff that they say they don’t allow on their platform, but they will not remove it because it affects the bottom line,” he said. “They monetized Alison’s murder.”

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