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How Policy Changes and Innovation Could Bring Hearing Aids for the Masses

  • April 13, 2021

Health care in the United States can often feel as if it’s stuck, and technology is usually not the solution. But with hearing aids, technology and a change in government policy could bring helpful health innovation.

Tip of the Week

Don’t let a stranger see all your old texts and photos! Brian X. Chen, The New York Times’s consumer technology columnist, has advice for what to do before you hand over your old phone.

At some point, you will bid farewell to your smartphone. You might give it away to a family member because you bought a new one, or you could trade it in at a retail store to get credit toward an upgrade.

Whatever the case, you should make sure to wipe all data from your device before handing it over.

First things first: Make sure you have a backup of your data. Apple has instructions on its website for how to back up iPhones, and Google has instructions for Androids.

After you’ve completed that step, plug in the device and erase all data from it. For iPhones, follow Apple’s instructions to purge your data. For Androids, the steps will vary depending on the device manufacturer and operating system version. Search inside the settings app for a reset option.

And then, you’re good to go.

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