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These Clubhouse Hosts Are Keeping the Party Alive

  • July 30, 2021

“It’s a far nerdier story,” Mr. Krishnan said.

When they finally met a year later, “I remember thinking, ‘Oh, he’s so tall,” Ms. Ramamurthy said.

Not long after, the couple caught the attention of S. Somasegar, the storied Indian American technology executive, who was at Microsoft at the time. Impressed by the gawky digital savants, Mr. Somasegar hired them both in 2005.

“A lot of people in the industry join companies like Facebook or Twitter and are happy to be there for decades,” said Mr. Somasegar, who spent 27 years at Microsoft before joining Madrona Venture Group in 2015. “But Sriram and Aarthi are not content with the status quo. They have a restlessness that drives their curiosity and a need to ask questions.”

The pair became romantically involved in 2006. The following year, they relocated to Microsoft’s American headquarters in Seattle. They eloped in 2010 and moved to Palo Alto a year later.

Mr. Krishnan went on to hold managerial positions at Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook and Snap. Earlier this year, he was hired as a general partner at the powerful venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, one of Clubhouse’s lead investors. “When I meet founders now, they feel like they already ‘know’ me from listening to the show, and that really helps,” he said.

Ms. Ramamurthy worked at Netflix before introducing two start-ups: True and Co., a lingerie e-commerce site in 2012; and Lumoid, a service that allows people to try gadgets before buying. She went to Facebook in 2017 as a product director before leaving in May to head up Clubhouse’s efforts to expand to other countries. As with Clubhouse’s other 40 employees, she will receive equity.

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